Developing medical devices at the leading edge of life-science innovation to help patients suffering from inflammatory disorders.

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Platform Technology

Our core technology allows us to modulate one of the most complicated and powerful systems in the human body, having wide-ranging applications spanning multiple disease states and healthcare disciplines.

Leveraging the insights and technology we have developed, we have the opportunity to impact millions of lives, worldwide. By improving the quality of care and decreasing the cost of its delivery, we are dramatically improving the value of healthcare that is delivered.

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Core Strengths

Unmet needs

Validated over hundreds of hours of clinical observations and stakeholder interviews.

Non-invasive approach

Built for simplicity of use, fitting seamlessly into workflow.

Benefits all stakeholders

Patients, providers and payers all stand to gain.

Our Team

CNX Medical is led by an experienced team of executives with backgrounds in medical device product development, commercialization of early stage technologies, and medicine.

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